How to handle being at home and on the job

Hey, it’s Monday, believe it or not!

Thankfully, a Monday minus the heavy traffic, the frenzy of a rushed breakfast and the frequently raucous school run.

Now, all you need is a quick face splash and to put on a shirt for that online meeting and it’s time to log on and get down to business.

That’s not to say that today won’t come with its own stresses, though.

Maybe you start with checking emails. Reply to a few. Then you get hungry, go get something to eat. Your parent or child needs your help with something random. You get side-tracked, you go back to your desk, check your phone, consider signing up for an online meditation or fitness challenge (but there are so many to choose from…) and, oh gosh, it’s time for that important Zoom call already!

Sound familiar?

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