Upload a B-BBEE certificate

Add your company’s B-BBEE certificate to our 40,000+ certificate database.

Search for a company

Search for a supplier, customer, ED or SD beneficiary, competitor or perhaps your own company B-BBEE scorecard certificate and download PDF copies of each certificate. Search by commodity, region or by B-BBEE compliance attributes.

Knowledge Centre

Beagle has curated articles, blogs and thought leadership from various Beagle partners. Watch webinar recordings from a library of past webinars conducted by Beagle partners. Beagle keeps you up to date about upcoming webinars or B-BBEE courses.

B-BBEE Analytics

With over 40,000 discrete company scorecards, Beagle offers amazing insights into the progress of transformation.

Using our powerful data analytics tools, Beaglers can slice and dice Beagle data to build better insights into the progress of transformation.


Bulk Search and match supplier compliance

Automates the tedious process of searching for supplier B-BBEE certificates and recording all the supplier’s B-BBEE compliance information into a spreasheet.

Upload the VAT number for all your suppliers into a spreadsheet.

Beagle uses VAT numbers as a unique number to search Beagle to find the supplier’s B-BBEE compliance information.

Beagle will provide you with a spreadsheet incorporating all Beagle supplier compliance information on your suppliers.

Advanced B-BBEE Analytics

Advanced B-BBEE Analytics offers amazing insights into the progress of transformation across regions or sectors and general B-BBEE compliance attributes.

B-BBEE Analytics is the ideal companion for sector charter councils, industry associations and chambers of commerce to track and monitor transformation.


Quarterly Preferential Procurement Reporting

Advanced is ideal for companies frustrated with collating supplier compliance information and matching it to the spend on every supplier.

Send Beagle your supplier list each quarter and we will calculate your Preferential Procurement scorecard and send you a detailed report with a scorecard and useful information on supplier compliance.

The Preferential Procurement scorecard is based on scorecards loaded in Beagle, so in between each quarterly cycle, encourage your suppliers to upload their certificate into Beagle to enjoy the benefits of Preferential Procurement automation.

Preferential Procurement Manager

Live PP scorecard

Send us your year to date spend on suppliers and we will track and monitor Preferential Procurement LIVE. Limited to companies with less than 450 suppliers.

Beagle will give you always-on access to a Preferential Procurement software account to ensure you have full visibility of your supplier compliance and Preferential Procurement scorecard.

Beagle will help you assess different scenarios based on changes in spend or suppliers.

Digitised B-BBEE Scorecard Verification Preparation

Beagle has one key objective, to simplify B-BBEE compliance to help companies reduce their “total cost of B-BBEE compliance”.

Beagle has partnered with B-BBEE consulting companies that share our vision of simplifying B-BBEE compliance using digital technologies.

Find out more about our partners and how we are helping companies digitise B-BBEE compliance.

Beagle’s Digital Audit Partner program allows companies to upload data and evidence that enables a completely digital approach to verification preparation and scorecard audits.

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